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Invisalign MedfordWhen you hear the word “orthodontics,” what comes to mind? Probably a young teenager whose teeth are covered by a latticework of metal. There are indeed many orthodontic patients who fit that description. However, there now exists an increasingly popular alternative to traditional metal braces: Invisalign® clear aligners.

Invisalign is a revolutionary and effective procedure that aims to fix crooked or misaligned teeth without using metal or wires. Read on to find out how you can avail of invisalign clear aligners in Medford, MA.

Clear Braces Medford, MA

For years, the main way to fix crooked or misaligned teeth was through the installation of braces. However, braces are cumbersome and painful to apply. Fortunately, dental science has provided us with the new Invisalign® clear aligner system. Invisalign results in straighter teeth, without the disadvantages of metal braces. Gio Dental at Station Landing is proud to offer Invisalign to Medford clients.

As the name implies, Invisalign medford clear aligners are made of almost invisible polyurethane plastic. Rather than being cemented or bonded to the teeth as metal or clear braces are, clear aligners are completely removable. This becomes necessary for people who would rather be braces-free while attending important social occasions, eating, and, most importantly, tooth-brushing and flossing. While there are some disadvantages, such as resisting the temptation to take your aligners out more than is advised, the many benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Here are some major advantages of the Invisalign system:

  • Improved Oral Hygiene — With an orthodontic appliance that is removable, you will be able to clean your teeth much more easily than if you were wearing metal braces. Invisalign is easy to remove and can be reattached just as easily.

  • A Discreet Look — If you consider your orthodontic treatment to be a private matter, or simply feel that metal braces don’t fit with your self-image, a practically invisible form of orthodontic treatment might suit you. Invisalign is a clear plastic orthodontic appliance that helps realign teeth while being barely noticeable.
  • More Dietary Choices — To protect metal wires and braces, some diet modifications are necessary. With clear aligners, you can still bite into an apple or a crispy pizza crust. Invisalign uses clear thermoplastic polyurethane material that is durable and reliable.

  • Comfort — The thin, flexible material of which Invisalign is made will not irritate the soft tissues of the mouth, as metal wires and braces can. The high-quality thermoplastic materials Invisalign is made of is both strong and pliable.

  • Teeth-Grinding Protection — If you have a teeth-grinding or clenching habit, clear aligners can function as thin nightguards that will protect your teeth from excessive wear. Because of the strong materials that Invisalign is made of, it can withstand a lot of grinding and clenching, and can provide long lasting protection.

Clear aligner technology has been improving over the years and can correct many malocclusions that once would have been too complicated for this form of treatment. While there are still some situations for which traditional braces would still be applicable, the Invisalign clear aligner system has seen consistent results, and is fast becoming the top choice of orthodontic appliance for many patients. These can be discussed in detail with you.

Contact us today, and one of our expert dental care providers can provide you with all the information you need before selecting the dental treatment that suits your requirements.

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How Invisalign Works

Invisalign clear aligners Medford works the same way traditional braces do: by applying carefully controlled forces to teeth to move them into a better position. But they are not made of metal; instead, they are made of clear, flexible plastic.

Here’s how it works: Specialized computer software is used to design a plan for moving your teeth from their current positions into the best possible alignment. This movement will be broken down into perhaps several dozen stages. For each stage, the Invisalign company will manufacture two plastic mouths “trays” or “aligners,” one to fit over your top teeth and one for the bottom. You will wear this first set of trays for two weeks, for a minimum of 20 hours per day. You will then move on to the next set of aligners in your series to accomplish the next stage of gradual movement. You will keep doing this until your teeth are correctly aligned.

In the past several years, two features have been added to make Invisalign a more appropriate orthodontic treatment method for teenagers. Special “eruption tabs” hold the appropriate amount of space open for molars that have not fully grown in. Invisalign for teens also comes with “compliance indicators” built into the aligner material, which fade with wear. This allows parents, Medford dentist, and the teens themselves, to make sure the trays are being worn as prescribed. Treatment with Invisalign can only be successful if this is the case.

Caring for Your Teeth During Invisalign Treatment Medford, MA

As mentioned above, one of the main advantages of the Invisalign system is that the trays can be removed for easy cleaning. So please don’t neglect to do this! You’ll need to brush your teeth after every meal or snack so that food and plaque do not get trapped in the aligners, which could promote tooth decay and gum disease. Your aligners, too, will have to be cleaned regularly; you can do this by brushing them and then rinsing them with lukewarm water.

Also, please keep in mind that while wearing clear aligners is very different from wearing braces, the importance of retaining your post-treatment results is exactly the same. You’ll want to be sure to wear your retainer(s) exactly as prescribed after your treatment is completed to protect your investment in a beautiful new smile.

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