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Teeth Cleaning MedfordEven if you brush and floss your teeth faithfully, it is important that you have your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. (Of course, if you aren’t quite so meticulous about your oral hygiene, it’s even more important!) After a thorough cleaning, your teeth will feel smooth and squeaky clean, and they will probably look a lot brighter too. But professional teeth cleanings aren’t done for looks alone.

Professional Teeth Cleaning Medford, MA

GIO Dental recommends visiting our office for routine, professional teeth cleaning at least two times annually. This will help keep your teeth clean and healthy throughout the year and will help avoid decay from causing damage to your teeth and gums.

Plaque is a sticky deposit made up of millions of bacteria that accumulate on your teeth. These bacteria produce toxins that cause tooth decay. Also referred to as calculus, tartar is the coagulated form of plaque, failure to remove this can lead to gum disease. During your visit to GIO Dental in Station Landing, MA, your dentist will start by conducting a thorough oral exam to evaluate your oral health. The dentist Medford will proceed to eliminate plaque, tartar, and stains from your teeth. And lastly, your teeth are polished using a low-speed rotary brush equipped with a soft rubber tip.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning Medford, MA

  • Preventative method to help keep your teeth healthy and happy

  • Eliminates harmful acids and bacteria that cannot be removed with regular fluoride toothpaste

  • Boosts overall health

  • Prevents gum disease

  • Detects early stages of oral diseases

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Proper Oral Health Care

These are the steps in maintaining a good oral hygiene at home in order to help prevent plaque or from developing or tooth decay:

  • Proper brushing – Must be done two to three times daily. Use short back and forth strokes to clean the inner, outer, and chewing surfaces of your teeth. Make sure that you do this in a soft and gently manner in order not to injure your gums. Don’t forget to also brush your tongue to clear out food bacteria.

  • Flossing regularly – dental floss should be used for the areas that your toothbrush cannot reach. Doing this once a day will keep any food and plaque from accumulating in between your teeth.

  • Using the right products – It is important that you use a good fluoride toothpaste. However, this may be unsafe for children under the age of six. Mouthwashes can also be helpful in addition to regular brushing and flossing.

  • Proper diet and nutrition – Having a healthy diet helps maintain good oral hygiene. Bacteria present in the mouth feed on sugar and starch, so try to avoid food high sugar and starch. Also, be cautious of beverages that could cause stain on your teeth like soda, coffee and tea.

  • Teeth sensitivity care – If you are experiencing severe teeth sensitivity, try to avoid eating food that are too cold or too hot.

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