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Dental Inlay & Onlay MedfordThere are times when a tooth suffers damage (from decay, for example) that is too extensive to be treated with a simple filling — but not extensive enough to need a full-coverage crown. In these cases, the best option for restoring the tooth may be an inlay or onlay.

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Sometimes a tooth suffers damage that is too severe to be treated with a simple filling, but too minimal to be treated with a crown. In cases like these, a person’s best option for tooth restoration may be an inlay or an onlay. An inlay covers the center of a tooth’s surface, while an onlay covers the entire biting surface of the tooth. GIO Dental at Station Landing offers inlay and onlay procedures for patients looking to correct tooth damage or decay.


There are many cosmetic and functional benefits a person may experience after deciding to undergo an inlay or onlay procedure. The procedure provides restoration of natural shape and tooth function, along with reduced tooth sensitivity. In addition to this, the procedure will also help prevent further plaque buildup, and provide protection from future tooth decay. Furthermore, this can all be achieved with little recovery time.

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The first step to receiving an inlay or an onlay is to set up a consultation at GIO Dental in Station Landing. During this consultation, your dentist will determine whether an inlay or an onlay is required for the procedure. An inlay covers the top-middle portion of a tooth, while an onlay covers the entire top portion of a tooth, rather than just one smaller section. Once this is determined, the affected area will be prepared. This usually involves the removal of plaque and decay so that a proper impression of the tooth can be taken. A temporary filling is attached to your tooth for protection while waiting for the final mold to finish. When the patient returns for their follow-up visit, the permanent mold will be applied to the damaged tooth, usually using durable dental cement.


The inlay and onlay procedures require very little recovery time. The patient may be advised to temporarily take on a soft-food diet while the treated tooth heals. Aside from that, the new inlay or onlay can be taken care of the same way as natural teeth. Daily brushing and flossing will help prevent plaque buildup and tooth decay, and regular dental cleanings will prolong the life of the patient’s inlay or onlay. With proper care, the restoration will last years, and in some cases even decades.

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