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Cosmetic Gum Surgery MedfordThere are many elements that make up an ideal smile; bright, healthy-looking teeth immediately come to mind. But the gum tissue that surrounds and supports those teeth also plays a big role in how appealing your smile will look.

Gum Contouring Surgery Medford, MA

The cosmetic issues relating to teeth are varying, but one of the problems many people face is that of the gum variety. In some cases, the gum, or gingival, tissue is too prevalent, causing a person’s smile to appear “gummy.” In other cases, the gum tissue may be receding, exposing the roots of the teeth and causing the teeth to appear too long. Whatever your situation may be, GIO Dental can help with cosmetic gum surgery or gum contouring surgery to even out an uneven gum for a more appealing smile.


There are many benefits to opting for cosmetic gum surgery. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Achieve an ideal gum to tooth ratio

  • Enhance your smile

  • Improve gum health

  • Reduce tooth sensitivity

  • Protect roots from decay

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The procedure will vary depending on the individual needs of the patient. If the patient has excess gum tissue, a procedure known as “crown lengthening” may be suggested. In this instance, the gum tissue is removed in order to expose more of the tooth surface. If the patient is suffering from gum recession, in which case the tooth root is exposed and discoloration and/or sensitivity is experienced, then a gum grafting procedure may be recommended. In this procedure, exposed roots are covered by moving gum tissue from one area of the mouth to another. More often than not, the tissue used to cover the exposed root comes from the roof of the patient’s mouth. In other cases, doctors may use laboratory-processed tissue from another donor. Another reason why patients might seek cosmetic gum surgery is if they have an uneven gum line, in which some teeth are covered by more tissue than others. In any case, all of these procedures are typically performed under local anesthesia. The patient will be examined by GIO Dental’s highly-experienced dental team prior to surgery to determine if you are an ideal candidate for gum contouring surgery.


Recovery post-gum surgery is relatively minimal. With laser treatment, no open wounds are created, and the patient experiences little to no discomfort. If a grafting procedure is done, however, the recovery period is slightly more extensive. This is particularly true if the grafting tissue is taken from the roof of the patient’s mouth. In this case, there will be two areas that need to heal. These sites will typically be sutured with dissolvable stitches, and doctors will recommend that the patient eat a soft diet for a few days following the procedure. Although full healing could take up to three weeks, patients may return to their normal activities one day after their procedure.

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