Different tools and strategies are often applied when you develop complications with your dentition, but the dental crown is frequently used. A dental crown is a cap-shaped tool placed on the tooth for varying purposes. Dental crowns assist in fixing dental damages, enable weak teeth to gain back strength, and help defaced teeth get back in shape. 

When Do You Need a Dental When Would You Need a Dental CrownCrown?

The time you decide to do a dental crown is as important as when you undergo the procedure. The indicators of when crowns are needed include:

1. Preventing Tooth Damage

If a single tooth or a group of teeth is at the point of any major damage such that reversing them becomes exceedingly difficult, dental crowns will surely be needed. This damage may be in the form of a walk tooth/teeth already on the verge of breaking due to prolonged decay. Then, there are cases where there is the need to hold bits firmly from a cracked tooth, say from an accident. 

2. Fixing a Broken Tooth

While the dental crown has preventive capabilities, it can also assist with restorative dentistry. With the dental crown, the cap ensures that the various parts stay in their rightful places during the recovery.

3. Cosmetic Purposes

In case a badly damaged portion of the teeth is affecting the aesthetics of a person’s face, the Medford Dentist may recommend putting on the tooth cap to conceal the damage and add further beauty to the patient’s face. 

4. To Protect the Tooth in the Case of a Procedure

The area of the tooth on which a procedure was recently conducted is highly vulnerable. For instance, the area is often always fresh with blood and cuts, which can transform into significant injuries if not properly managed. Similarly, they can easily attract disease-causing microorganisms, fermenting serious complications for the patient. Thus, protecting the newly operated part of the tooth with a dental crown is important.

5. Holding the Dental Bridge and Supporting a Filling

When there is hardly any tooth left in any area, the dental crown will serve as a tooth replacement holding the area such that it doesn’t appear as if any part is missing. The dental crown can then be in place until a filling is done. Dental crowns also often provide the groundwork for more complex procedures like crowns and bridgework

When Do You Need a Crown? General Advice

Even after you’ve answered the question “when do you need a dental crown?” there are general pieces of advice you need to put in mind:

1. Schedule Your Dental Crown Appointment Quickly

Like several other medical procedures, dental crowns need to be done at a precise time – often not too late. Getting the time right when you need a dental crown can make the difference between salvaging your tooth and settling for permanently damaged dentition.

While it is the role of the dentist in Medford to select a perfect time for any procedure, it is best to consult them as early as possible. As such, you can put all modalities in place to help avoid worst-case scenarios. You may even end up not needing the dental crown. Going for regular, thorough medical checkups is the surest strategy.

2. Pay Attention to the Dental Crown After Fixing it

The dental crown is by no means a permanent solution. It is a temporary fix that you will later do away with. When do I need a tooth crown? However, your actions and practices will determine the outcomes you get for your dentition when using a dental crown. When using a dental crown, you need to avoid habits like taking food items unfavorable to your dentition – for instance, sticky food and very sweet items.

Reduce using the side where the dental crown was fixed. You may need to move your chewing to the other side free of dental crowns or external fixes.

3. Consult your Dentist Regularly

Keeping your dentist close after the dental crown will help you greatly. If you have complications like prolonged discomfort or loose or bent crowns, immediately reach out to them. Even if there are no events, regularly visiting to get the area checked may be helpful. That’s why we recommend using a dentist nearby. So, for instance, you should use a Dentist Medford if you stay around the area.

How Long Does a Dental Crown Last?

Dental crowns last between five and fifteen years on average. The life of a crown is determined by the amount of “wear and tear” the crown experiences, how well you adhere to good oral hygiene practices, and your personal mouth-related habits (you should avoid such habits as grinding or clenching your teeth, chewing ice, biting fingernails, and using your teeth to open packaging).

Average Cost of Dental Crown 2023

Dental crown prices vary depending on where you live in the country and the type of crown you choose (porcelain versus gold, for example). Crowns can cost anywhere from $800 to $1700 or more per crown. Insurance usually covers a portion of the cost of a crown. Check with your dental insurance provider to be sure.

Interested in Dental Crowns in Medford, MA? See If They’re Right For You!

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