Root canal treatment is a common dental procedure performed by dentists. Due to the popularity of this procedure, there is a lot of information available on this subject for individuals with questions about root canal treatment. With the widespread availability of information on root canal treatment, there has also been some misinformation that has led to myths about root canal treatment.

To debunk the myths and give you the correct information about root canal treatment, we’ve compiled some common myths that people have about root canal treatment. Read on to find out. 

Common Myths About Root Canal Treatment

6 Common Myths About Root Canal TreatmentSome of the most common myths surrounding root canal treatment include:

  • A root canal treatment can be painful: Most people associate the treatment of the root canal with pain. The truth, however, is that root canal treatment is a painless procedure. This is because a local anesthetic is used. On the occasion of tooth pain, endodontists are specially trained in managing and alleviating severe pain.
  • If I have an infection, I can’t have a root canal: The truth, however, is that a root canal treatment can help relieve pain from an infected tooth. When the pulp and outer layer of a tooth becomes damaged and infected, a root canal treatment is performed, which relieves pain and prevents further tooth damage.
  • Any toothache necessitates a root canal: Most people believe that any form of tooth pain must require a root canal treatment. The truth, however, is that a root canal is performed for toothache as a result of infection of the pulp. 

Other factors that can cause toothaches include tooth decay and a cracked tooth. Other procedures can treat these causes of toothaches without a root canal treatment.

  • Root canals can cause sickness: Misinformation about this has continued for a long time. The idea that a root canal treatment can cause sickness or make it easier for you to fall sick is simply wrong. The American Association of Endodontists has shown that this myth arose on the back of a poorly designed research study conducted over a century old and has since gone on to debunk this myth. Ongoing scientific research has no conclusive evidence linking a root canal treatment to disease development in individuals.
  • My tooth is fixed as soon as a root canal is performed: When it comes to restoring a tooth to complete health, a root canal is only the first step. After performing a root canal treatment, your dentist Medford will place a temporary filling in the tooth. After about two to three weeks, the temporary filling will need to be replaced with a permanent filling. The placement of a permanent filling is important in restoring complete tooth health as it helps protect and preserve the natural structure of the tooth.
  • Pulling a tooth is better than getting a root canal: It is always advisable to save your natural tooth. After tooth extraction, there is a need to replace it with an implant. Failure to replace an extracted tooth with an implant can cause a shift among the other teeth. Implanting a new tooth after extraction can add appointments and increase costs.

A root canal treatment, once performed, can last for a lifetime. It also helps preserve your natural tooth-saving you the need for additional procedures and expenses. 

There are still a lot of myths about root canal treatments. In addition to the common myths discussed above, some myths persist. 

One of such myths is the belief that a root canal treatment involves the removal of the root of the tooth. This is untrue as a root canal treatment is a Medford Endodontics procedure that is only performed to remove infected and inflamed tissue within the root and crown of the tooth. The root of the teeth have an important anchoring function and are therefore left intact.

Consider Getting Root Canal Treatment Now!

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