Would you like to have a perfect smile? Most people have affected their smiles by tooth loss, alignment problems, and gaps. Dental implants Medford provide a solution to these issues and leave you with a perfect smile. Once placed, dental implants are permanently fixed and do not come off like dentures. This makes it a more comfortable option and allows you to speak, eat, and drink confidently. 

Dental implants also do not cause any pain once they’ve been implanted and remain one of the fastest ways to get a perfect smile. 

What Are Dental Implants

Dental Implants: The Fastest Way To Get A Perfect SmileDental implants are made as a replacement for natural teeth. They have two parts. The first part of a dental implant is a titanium post which an implant dentist places into the underlying jawbone. The second part of a dental implant is the replacement tooth or bridge placed over the titanium post. 

Why Should I Choose Dental Implants

In addition to improving your smile, using dental implants has a lot of other benefits. Some of the benefits of using dental implants include:

  • Durability: Dental implants, once placed by an implant dentist, remains firm. Dental implants are made to fuse with the underlying bone to form a permanent structure like natural teeth. This makes the best dental implants a solution that could last for a lifetime.

In addition to being long-lasting, dental implants require very little maintenance. Dental implants with appropriate care are capable of lasting up to 25 years. 

  • Appearance: Dental implants are made to look like normal teeth. This is very important as it helps maintain the appearance of the teeth, which boosts confidence while giving you a perfect smile.
  • Improved function: Because of their firmness, dental implants allow you to perform actions like eating and speaking freely without fear of dislodging or slipping. Compared to dental smile solutions like dentures, it is more comfortable to perform actions like speaking and eating with dental implants.
  • Improved oral health: It is easier to maintain oral health with dental implants as they help keep teeth in place while improving the communication between teeth. This makes the teeth easier to clean while brushing. It also makes it harder for bacteria to accumulate in spaces between teeth or gum pockets.
  • Protective function: Dental implants can help protect the underlying jawbone. In some cases of tooth loss, the underlying bone may begin to degenerate. A degenerated jawbone can affect facial appearance and cause other problems. Dental implants can help forestall this and save you from potential bone loss and associated dental issues.

What Happens When I Choose To Get Dental Implants

Before dental implants are placed, your medford dentist will examine you to ensure you have sufficient bone and gum tissue. After it has been established that you are a good fit for a dental implant, your dentist will discuss with you and draw up a treatment scheme based on your requirements. 

The next step involves the implantation of the dental post into the underlying bone. This is a surgical procedure and requires time to heal before the next step. After the post implantation, the jawbone is left to heal for about 6-12 weeks. The jawbone adheres to the post and holds it firm during this time. For the duration of the recovery period, you may ask your dentist for a partial denture over the area. 

Once healing is completed, your new tooth is placed over the post with an abutment that holds the tooth firmly. Before the new tooth is made, your dentist will obtain an impression of your teeth. The impression gotten by your dentist is then used as a model to create the tooth for your implant. The tooth used for the dental implant is made to match the color of your natural teeth. 

The entire dental implantation process is usually pain and discomfort free as local anesthesia is used to help minimize pain.

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Implant dentistry Medford has evolved to help ensure that you can get a perfect smile even if you have a missing tooth. Dental implants are a solution that offers you a comfortable and durable way to get a perfect smile. Get in touch with your dentist medford today if you want to learn more about dental implants. 

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